Active Release Technique (ART) is a therapeutic modality used to treat a variety of soft-tissue symptoms and disorders. ART is used with the goal of improving range of motion and overall function of a joint, tendon or ligament. Scar tissue, or adhesions, accumulate due to overuse or injury, and ART aims to break down those adhesions, ultimately restoring optimal movement in the targeted area. ART has also been proven effective for those suffering nerve entrapment.


Dr. Wuest and Dr. Taylor use an instrument-assisted myofascial release technique that provides practitioners a precise approach to addressing fascial restrictions. The tool acts as an extension of the practitioner’s hand, reverberating any sensations, to pinpoint where pressure is particularly needed. Similarly to ART, this form of myofascial release aims to improve range of motion and movement in the surrounding structures, by mobilizing the soft tissue. This technique has been an effective enhancement in the healing process of muscle, ligament or tendon injuries.