Clinical Hynotherapy

Hypnotherapy is very safe and effective for dealing with traumatic events of the past whether it is in your childhood of long ago or a recent birth memory that is getting in your way.”  – Kate


Maybe your birth happened many years ago, but you were never “allowed” to process what happened. Its never too late to release life’s happenings.

What if my issue isn’t related to birth?

Life hands us daily experiences that can result in ‘micro-traumas’.  Do not underestimate what Covid and lockdowns are doing to your psyche!  Micro-traumas can result in:

  • Increased feelings of anxiousness
  • Sleep loss
  • Weight Gain
  • Sadness
  • Inability to focus
  • Feeling ‘stuck’

A series of sessions using a combination of techniques can bring a positive shift in your life toward ‘unstuck’ and growth.

For permanent long lasting change, Kate recommends 3-6 sessions spaced over a few months. More sessions allow for time to release and then to rewire neuropathways. Hypnotherapy is not usually a lightening strike, more likely you’ll become aware of gentle gradual shifts.

To learn more about our Certified Clinical Hynotherapist (CCHt), Kate Miller Jobson, please click HERE.


After September 2022, Kate will be providing patients with virtual sessions.  To understand how effective virtual sessions can be, please reach out to and we will have Kate schedule a complimentary Meet & Greet session with you.