Chiropractic: Prior to your first chiropractic visit, you will be asked to take a few minutes to complete an electronic Chiropractic Intake Form, providing some personal and medical history, along with current information as to why you are seeking treatment.  The more details provided, the better!

This form will be emailed to you automatically when you book your first appointment.  You will receive a “Welcome Email” being asked to confirm your email address and within this email, there is a link for the Chiropractic Intake Form.

Other Services: Depending on the reason for your visit – Concussion Care, Pelvic Health or Orthopedic Physio – you may also receive a email with a specific Intake Form or patient information pertaining to your appointment.

If you have any questions or did not receive this email, please contact us to confirm your email address and resend it.


p: 403.993.6337