2020  Yoga Therapy Group Classes

Virtual, very small group classes and one-on-one sessions are available.

Due to COVID-19, the schedule is ever changing.  For the most up-to-date information, please contact, Leona directly at physio@activebalancehealth.ca or visit her Finishline Physiotherapy website.

Fall Classes are Scheduled!

Leona has always had amazing pelvic floor and yoga therapy classes (both in-person and virtual format). Fall classes start in October and feature Pelvic Floor Yoga Therapy for Prenatal, Postpartum and another class for those in the “other stages of life”.

Prenatal Pelvic Floor Yoga Classes

Stay fit during pregnancy while preparing for the changes that occur in your body during each trimester. This 3 hour session is open to both expectant moms and their partners at any stage of pregnancy. Leona will teach you how to stay fit, maintain an active pelvic floor, sustain or improve your endurance for the delivery, address aches and pains commonly felt during pregnancy, go through delivery positions helpful for preventing pelvic floor dysfunction and address proper care of your pelvic floor after the delivery.

For current classes, please click HERE.

Postpartum Pelvic Floor Yoga Classes

There are so many changes that occur to a new mom’s body during pregnancy and childbirth. Leona Ham has been seeing postpartum moms for over 10 years for their pelvic floor concerns, her experience with new moms has allowed her to develop a postpartum program that will address the most common complaints that bring moms into her clinic. This program will be comprehensive and is sure to address each and every new moms CORE and pelvic floor strength deficits. Level 1 will include 6 separate electronic handouts that will further help the “mom’s brain” recall what each class has to offer.

For current classes, please click HERE.

Pelvic Floor Classes

Did you know that your Diaphragm forms the roof of your CORE and your Pelvic Floor Muscles form the floor? Everyone is born with a natural diaphragm and pelvic floor rhythm. Stress, pregnancy, childbirth, surgeries, infections and many other illnesses, injuries or diseases can disrupt this rhythm. This disruption will influence the strength of the CORE. Finishline Physiotherapy has developed pelvic floor classes that teach you how to reboot your CORE.

For current classes, please click HERE.