Sport Chiropractic Care

Focusing on the prevention and treatment of athletic injuries, sports chiropractic is a specialized field of care to improve patients’ motor abilities as well as reduce pain or discomfort.  With a passion for Sports Science, Dr. Sarah and Dr. Taylor work with athletes, of all ages and levels, on acute and chronic injuries, to gain momentum in their performances and help them relieve pain without the need of medications or surgeries.

Dr. Sarah’s interest in helping high-performance athletes reach and maintain their potential is rooted in her thirteen years as a national level show jumper.  Dr. Sarah has been honored to be a member of several sport medical teams including the 2010 Paralympic Winter Games, the Canadian Professional Rodeo Sport Medicine Team, the Western Canada Summer Games, the International Club Crew Dragonboat Championships, and Junior A hockey teams (just to name a few).  She has worked with Olympic and professional athletes in a variety of sports.

Dr. Taylor has a similar story, working as a showjumping rider and young horse trainer prior to pursuing her chiropractic education. She competed up to the Grand Prix level with a horse she developed. Dr. Taylor loves working with athletes with the common goal of getting them back to their sport as quickly and safely as possible.

Dr. Sarah and Dr. Taylor work with amateur and recreational athletes of all ages.

Family Chiropractic Care

With a personalized approach, Dr. Sarah and Dr. Taylor treat a variety of spinal, musculoskeletal and neurological symptoms after careful assessment and review of patient medical history.

Chiropractic care focuses on optimizing overall body function, through the implementation of a comprehensive treatment plan.  Chiropractic services use drug-free, non-invasive therapeutic techniques to provide effective relief of pain caused by conditions such as chronic headaches, neck/back pain, joint pain or injuries, tingling and numbness, among others.

After initial assessment, the doctor will perform your first adjustment and treatment, in order to develop an appropriate management program. Depending on your individual case, the doctors are trained to prescribe nutritional recommendations, therapeutic exercises, and injury rehabilitation strategies.  Providing patients with short stretches or exercises (as well as advising them to ice/heat, if appropriate) allows them to continue healing, and strengthening between visits.

Family members of all ages are welcome – from infants to the experienced!


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