Functional Movement Screening & Baseline Testing

Functional Movement Screening is a tool to identify movement limitations and dysfunctions that may be impacting your efficacy, performance, and stamina as an athlete.  In the follow photos, the screening is tailored to the equestrian, but Dr. Taylor has provided this program to other athletes, such as cyclists and runners, wanting to improve their performance.

Gaining tools to remove limitations can positively impact their performance…whether on horseback, bike or whatever the sport they are passionate about.

Please read through below and contact Dr. Taylor about how she can help.


Baseline Testing is series of physical and cognitive tests that give your healthcare providers a pre-injury “normal”. We test multiple areas of the brain including visual processing, balance, reaction time, strength, memory, and more. Baseline testing is important for many individual sports such as: cycling, horseback riding, skateboarding, & snowboarding
Team sports at highest risk include: hockey, football, rugby, basketball, soccer & baseball/softball.

Team testing, along with individual testing is available year round.  Below is a sample of the Baseline Testing poster and sign up.  Please contact Dr. Taylor for more information.