Myth Busting Concussion with Dr. Sarah & Dr. Taylor

Dr. Sarah and Dr. Taylor visit local show jumping barns with concussion talks for riders (and their parents). This includes the latest research and info on concussions. As a former show jumpers, they are incredibly passionate about sharing this knowledge.

There are many incorrect beliefs and incorrect information surrounding concussions. Her presentation includes the latest research surrounding:

• What is a concussion?
• What to do if I (or my child/athlete/etc.) get a concussion?
• When do I return to work – play – school and most importantly, riding?

We do not charge for these presentations. We just want to get this information out. AHS protocol will be followed. Please contact either of our doctors at or if you’re interested in bringing this to your barn.

*Active Balance Health Centre is a Complete Concussion Management Clinic. Dr. Sarah, Dr. Taylor and Leona Ham, our physiotherapist, are Complete Concussion Management™ Practitioners. For more information regarding concussion, please visit our Concussion Management page.

Please note – Concussions can happen in ALL sports.  This concussion talk can be modified to suit a wide range of athletes at all performance levels. Please ask if you have questions or concerns about concussion injury.