Our patients range from babies to those fully experienced in life.  We treat “regular” people,  high performance sport athletes and everyone else in between in our unique, researched-based clinic.

Our practitioners work together as a 360 team.  With patient consent, they work together to provide you with the most comprehensive extended health environment possible.

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Active Health Centre is proud to offer a variety
of physiotherapy services including:

Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy
for Women, Men & Children

Pelvic Health for Women, Men and Children.  Not that many years ago, a “pelvic floor” was unheard of.  Kegals were whispered about.  Mom’s didn’t jump on trampolines and men didn’t know they had a pelvic floor.  We’re really happy things have changed and everyone is finally talking about PELVIC HEALTH.

Many women are not only mothers, but professionals, caregivers, volunteers and leaders in the community. Often their own health and happiness are set aside for others needs. As a result, the muscles, joints, and bowel and bladder habits can be disrupted. Leona Ham can help with resolving this disruption.

With extensive orthopedic experience, certification in pelvic floor health and a special interest in women’s health and wellness, Leona provides women with the support and autonomy they need. She uses a holistic approach to help strengthen their physical, mental, social and emotional outlook towards their health and wellness.

Men are often surprised that they have a pelvic floor.  Common issues are: frequent urination, constipation, erectile dysfunction, pain after organism, pain in the genital/pelvic region, low back and groin area.

Pediatric Pelvic Health is often overlooked.  Bed wetting, constipation, lack of control during the day are common issues.

Please click HERE for more information about Leona and pelvic floor treatments.

Pediatric Physiotherapy

Finally, a specialist available right here in Okotoks!

Tracy believes movement is the best medicine and works with her patients to help them move to their full potential. Her treatment options include manual therapy, functional dry needling, taping, and custom home exercise programs.

On-going learning is a passion for Tracy. She has taken additional courses for gross motor development, torticollis and plagiocephaly, pediatric gait, pediatric toe walking, functional dry needling, and her Orthopedic Level 1 manual therapy.

Conditions Tracy Treats:

  • Torticollis

  • Plagiocephaly

  • Gross Motor Delay

  • Milestone Checkups

  • Gait Assessment

  • Congenital Conditions

  • Neuromotor & Neuromuscular Conditions

Who Benefits from Pediatric Physiotherapy?

ALL kids! Whether they have an injury, pain, a specific diagnosis, or you just want to do a gross motor assessment to determine if their gross motor skills are age appropriate. Tracy can help!

To learn more about Tracy Banister, please click HERE.

Sport and Orthopedic Physiotherapy

Sport and Orthopedic Physiotherapy focuses on the science of movement that aims to restore function in multiple body systems. To achieve this, physiotherapists use exercise, education, therapeutic modalities, manual therapy, and a range of physical and physiological therapeutic interventions to help their patients achieve functional goals.

Our physiotherapists understand the demands our patients place on their bodies – from everyday on-the-job physical stress to repetitive sport injuries.  The physios have athletic-specific knowledge that transfers over during longer, unrushed appointments.  When a patient books an hour with a physio, they get a full hour with the physio.