Holistic Registered Nutrition

Deanne is a Registered Dietitian (RD) and Certified Holistic Nutritionist (CHN) specializing in nutrition from preconception to postpartum and beyond.  One of the most frequently asked questions are if her services are covered by most health insurance benefits.  Yes they are but please contact your insurance company for confirmation. The second question is if she will do virtual appointments.  Yes Deanne’s appointments are all virtual.  We know families are busy and respect this.

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Holistic Registered Nutrition for Women and Families

Let’s work together. You’re not meant to do it all or do it alone.

What to expect in an initial nutrition assessment

  • You will be asked to complete a thorough intake form and questionnaire prior to our initial assessment
  • Initial assessment takes 60-90 minutes where we will go through life, diet, and medical history
  • We will identify areas/body systems that are out of balance and focus on education to satisfy our physiologic needs
  • We will review your current diet and discuss which nutrients/foods may be needed to help support the systems of concern
  • Following the assessment, you will be provided with a detailed summary, recommendations, and a customized nutrition plan to set you up for success on your wellness journey
  • Additionally, you will have access to helpful resources and email support

Who benefits from nutritional therapy?

  • Women who are pregnant, trying to conceive, or in the postpartum phase who want to learn how to truly nourish their changing bodies

  • Mothers at any stage who “just don’t feel like themselves” or feel burnt out since having kids

  • Busy women with high-stress lifestyles looking for more energy, balance, and vitality

  • Women with gut health, autoimmune, weight management, or hormone health issues

Health concerns Deanne works with…

  • Pregnancy nutrition
  • Postpartum nourishment
  • Preconception and trying to conceive
  • Digestive issues
  • Gut and bowel health
  • Low energy, brain fog, adrenal fatigue
  • Healthy weight
  • Blood sugar balance
  • Hormone balance
  • Autoimmune conditions