Naturopathic Doctor

We are excited to welcome Dr. Annie Cannon, Naturopathic Doctor.

Dr. Annie Cannon’s mission is to serve her patients with an open heart, integrity, innovative programs, and motivation to reach their health goals. Her goals are to provide inspiration and direction to every patient by giving them an individualized health plan, by staying up to date on current research to explain their conditions clearly to them, and by motivating patients effectively by explaining the reasons behind their treatment and what they can expect.

Book a complementary Meet & Greet appointment today to see she is the right fit for you.

Naturopathic Doctor for Women and Families

Supporting patients to uncover exhaustion, weight gain, mood swings, hormonal and gut issues.

What to expect in an initial naturopath assessment

  • You will be asked to complete a thorough intake form and questionnaire prior to our initial assessment
  • Initial assessment takes 60 minutes where we will go through life, diet, and medical history
  • You will discuss your health concerns and health goals
  • A treatment plan will be initiated
  • Laboratory assessment will be discussed if relevant
  • In-person and virtual appointments are available

Who benefits from seeing Dr. Annie?

  • Women of all ages

  • Those looking for weight loss.

  • Increase in energy & mood

  • Addressing hormones, postpartum & perimenopause

Health concerns Dr. Annie works with…

  • Book your initial assessment

  • Follow up with your disclosure visit

  • Check in with your strategy visit