Trauma Informed Yoga with Shawna Kotyk

Healing Pathways – A Trauma Sensitive Yoga Journey

Shawna Kotyk is a very special yoga teacher who connects with her students and clients on many levels.  Trauma informed yoga has a huge place in her heart.  Private sessions are held at Soulidarity, conveniently located one block west of our clinic, also on Elma Street.  We invite you to reach out to Shawna directly if you have been searching for this type of yoga.  She has provided us with the following:

Healing Pathways – A Trauma Sensitive Yoga Journey

Welcome to your journey of Healing Pathways; Trauma-informed yoga is a personal journey that encompasses breath work, yoga postures and meditation – specific for each person’s needs. Embark on a pathway of healing, with a focus on nervous system support and a guided journey to the intricate connection of mind, body and internal healing. You are invited to a compassionate and welcoming space that promotes healing by rediscovering a sense of peace and safety within.  You will be guided through exercises designed to promote mindful exploration while emphasizing safety and choice. 

* no yoga experience is required

Connect with me at or 306-961-6310 for bookings or more information.